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Juicy (WAP) - Alcoholic Hair
Juicy (WAP) - Alcoholic Hair
Juicy (WAP) - Alcoholic Hair

Juicy (WAP)


  • Hand Crafted-  Hypo-allergenic, Chemical and Cruelty Free

    100% Siberian Mink Hair

    Color: Black
    Price is for one pair of 3D mink lashes only-#31

    Style:  Long dramatic winged lash  
    Band: Thin and Soft, Light as air

    Lash construction allows for Up to 15-20 wears
    Lash construction allows Up to 6 washes
    Lash construction allows for easy removal
    Lash construction allows for flexibility (lash will return to original form)
    Lash construction results in no shedding

    Fast Shipping 
    Weight 1.0-2.0 ounces

    NOTE: Wash with gentle soap and water.

    Various styles available upon request.